Company profile


is a Swiss corporation operating internationally, developing high-tech solutions for the prototype market. With extensive know-how gained form international motorsport developing engines & chassis, SI in close collaboration with world renowned manufactures realizes globally marketed prototypes, propulsion systems, concept vehicles, engines, motorcycles, clutch systems and special components.

Advantage from inception: The sophisticated infrastructure with specialized departments, including ultra modern engine dynos, professionally and efficiently operated, allows pursuing perfect quality from the first design to completion.


This makes Suter Industries a unique company, capable of realizing complete concepts: from a blank piece of paper to fully tested pre-production, all in our in-house facility.

Suter Industries & Motorsport

The worldwide unique combination of a top team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, spearheaded by an ex GP rider and supported by a state of the art production facility allows SI to compete with the largest bike manufacturers.

We do not experiment

with outlandish fantasies. Instead we focus entirely upon our engineers experience, Swiss quality and perfect craftsmanship. Precise research and analysis make the difference in GP Motor Sport.

Tested and proven

In cooperation as well as on behalf of major motorcycle and engine manufacturers, we have developed everything: From complete engines & chassis to specific components resp. engine performance upgrades - on and off-road. Tested and proven on our dynos.