Frequently asked questions

How works the BTL SuterClutch?

I already have an anti-hopping clutch ex-factory, what is the advantage of a SuterClutch compared to it?

An OEM Clutch usually functions according to the ON/OFF principle (no intermediate states between open and closed possible). The SuterClutch has a much smoother and more precise response:

Besides, you can adapt the response behaviour individually to the driver, which is usually not possible with OEM clutches.


What justifies the price difference between SuterClutch and competing products?

Just by looking at the construction you can see that the SuterClutch consists of much more and more complex parts, as a standard clutch. Besides, we use only high-quality materials refined to ensure the highest possible stability and longevity (e.g. Teflon-containing special coating to minimise abrasion).


What is the setup recommendation for the MX Bikes (BTL)?

Check our setup recommendations section


How do I become an official Suter dealer?

Please send us your request via email to, and we provide you with all the necessary info.


How do I install a SuterClutch?